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Sharing Holy Moments

“Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15

As a pastor, I find myself invited in to the most intimate moments of people’s lives. I am invited in to the moments of their deepest pains and betrayals. I am asked to help hold their greatest burdens. I am called upon to speak life and hope into their darkest fears. I am blessed to share their most profound joys. It can be a difficult task, but above all else, each of these create holy moments, where I am allowed to participate in heaven touching earth. Where the best of who we are in Christ Jesus is shared with each other.

When I ask the Lord, ‘what does it mean to pursue a deeper relationship with you,’ God responds by bringing these moments to mind. Becoming a “safe space” for another to share deeply, transparently, and confidently is humbling. It is holy. In these last few weeks, I have not posted as many pictures as I had envisioned with the Instagram journaling. Not because there weren’t incredibly powerful moments of the sacred in the every day. Instead, these moments were so personal, so intimate, that it seemed in appropriate to take a picture, let alone post it.

Soon we will be entering into the season of Lent. A season for fasting and praying. A season of repentance. There will be different study tools, ways to engage in holy reflection available in the sanctuary. There will be Lenten study/discussion groups starting March 13th through April 11th. There will be opportunities to give and to serve in holy sacrifice. All of these things are good and will bless you. Above all of these tools and opportunities, I want to encourage you to engage the Holy Spirit and time with the Lord in new ways. If your habit is to do personal/private devotions or study time, I would encourage you to find a prayer partner for Lent. Meet and pray together for these 6 weeks. Email each other encouraging words/scriptures each day/week. If your habit is to pray at the end of the day, try waking up early and spend time with God as the sun comes up. If your family is usually scattered in different directions at dinner, resolve to eat dinner together several times a week throughout Lent and share where you see God moving in your lives. If you have lost touch with special people in your life, make a point to reconnect between now and Easter and pray God’s abundance and presence over them.

I pray that as we each seek to engage God in new ways, as we press into even more intentional community, that we find ourselves more and more, sharing in holy moments together. That we would be humbled, renewed, and increasingly transformed into the image of Jesus – together.

Grace and Peace

Pastor Michelle

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