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Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed to Be A Blessing...

I am thankful, help me in my acts of thankfulness...

roughly based on Mark 9:24, “I believe Lord, help me

in my unbelief.” This November, our Sunday worship

will be focused on being thankful for very specific gifts

from God and then responding to God’s generosity by

committing ourselves to a generous response to God.

Each week we will bring forward a specific

commitment card.

November 5th – All Saints Day/Holy Communion

We are thankful for God’s gift of COMMUNITY. In

response to God’s gift of community, we pledge to be

present and active in worship, study, and fellowship.

November 12th – We are thankful for God’s gift of

PRAYER the Holy Spirit praying on our behalf. In

response to God’s gift of prayer, we pledge to pray

daily/weekly for our families, our community, the

Church, and for God’s work in the world.

November 19th – We are thankful for God’s gift of

SERVING and WITNESS. In response to God’s

example of service, we pledge to participate and serve

in the ministries and work of EFUMC.

We are thankful God’s GENEROSITY in our lives.

In response to God’s generosity to us, we pledge to

give generously to sustain the day-to-day work of the

church and the 2nd Mile ministry budget of EFUMC.

Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed to Be A Blessing...

In this “Stewardship” special edition of the newsletter, we

will talk about the specific financial needs of EFUMC so

you have some time and direction for prayerfully

considering how you will support the work and ministries of

EFUMC. I know there is a type of stigma that

pledge/commitment cards carry with them. However, I

boldly ask you to set that aside and submit your pledges.

These are necessary for the church leadership to make

informed decisions in prioritizing the work of the church. If

there are not adequate resources to support staffing,

utilities, maintenance/care of the building and property, we

must decide what gets cut or set aside.

We will also address some special physical needs of the

church and the projected costs associated with those (i.e.

outdoor signage, outdoor lighting, technology needs to

resolve Sunday morning visibility issues with the screen


EFUMC is a financially healthy church, AND our ability to

grow ministry is limited by our current level of financial

resources. As we pray daily for our church, we are asking

God for God’s plan to expand our ministry and ability to

bless others. We are asking God to show us what avenues

are available to us to sustain and grow. Please prayerfully

consider what role you play in the life, vitality, and growth


Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed to Be A Blessing

Pastor Michelle

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